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Bishnoi Village is a small village and has always been a tourist attraction – even for kings during the times of Indian kingdoms. The original community of the Bishnoi Village, the Marwar, has influenced the way the culture of the village has been shaped drastically, and as a tourist, you can still see the awe-inspiring influences of their cab hire with oyotaxi

The Bishnoi community consists of simple locals, without too much worldly knowledge, but they are always ready to learn; and they are known for heartily welcoming tourists to spend time with them. They are as open to sharing snippets of their culture with their visitors, through tales of their ancestors, insights into their daily lives, and through their arts and culture.

The village is a small one, albeit amazing, and it is almost as though time stands still here. As mentioned before, attracting tourists is not new for the locals, and there is a ‘village safari’ tour that is available for visitors, that was initially started by Jodhpur’s kings (the Rajas and the Maharajas), to give visitors a glimpse into the extraordinary lives of ordinary locals. Tourists are free to embark upon the safari either in jeeps or on camel-back, and observe different parts of the village.

Guda Bishnoi Lake, you can see many migratory birds like Domicile cranes etc., Blackbucks and Chinkara.. This pond is drinking point for antelopes black bucks of near by area. Bishnoi village in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India is a kind of desert oasis. This place experiences old traditions and customs, here the Safari provides OyoTaxi Provided at a very safe and affordable price.It is a place caught in a delightful time warp, where life still goes on like the days of the pas

And in Bishnoi village safari many more things to see potters family, weavers family, shaperd family, farmers family, bishnoi family bishnoi village is very beautiful place etc…in half/full day safari.

Jeep Safari to Bishnoi Village


Enjoy a scenic Bishnoi Village Safari and mingle with the tribals Indians inhibiting the land. Watch the Bishnoi folk as they go about their lives in this land where time stands still.

No promenade to Jodhpur is complete without a visit to the Bishnoi Village Safari. Meet your private guide in your hotel lobby and be prepared to travel to a land where time has come to a stand-still. Warped in the bygone eras, the delightful little village of Bishnoi, is best explored through a village safari. The safari tour was founded by Jodhpur’s Rajas and Maharajas, to offer a glimpse into the rich cultural life of this Marwa state, to Indian and foreign guests. Bishnoi Village Safari is ideal for peeking into the life of tribal India. Marked with Khejri trees and deer, Bishnoi is a scenic village, where Lord Vishnu worshipping villagers, continue to worship nature and everything it has to offer. The naturally serene Guda Bishnoi Lake is an ideal picnic spot, where you can find various species of exotic migratory birds and endangered species of animals, like blackbucks and chinkaras. Nature is treated with utmost sanctity and everything living; plants and animals, are treated as holy beings. Villagers offer prayers to every plant and animal inhabiting this sacred piece of land. Despite being cut off from modern civilization, Bishnoi villagers make every effort to conserve their environment. After experiencing the customs and traditions of tribal life, it is time to be freed of the time warp and head back to your hotel where your trip concludes.

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